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News: ANHAA Equipment Exchange
Posted by ANHAA Board, Posted: 3 days ago

Just a reminder that ANHAA is hosting an equipment exchange, as well as on-site info and registration sessions for the upcoming teeball, baseball, and softball seasons this Saturday and the following two Wednesdays.

For the equipment exchange, drop off unwanted equipment (baseball, softball, soccer, or any sports equipment) this Saturday at Conway Field Clubhouse between 10 am and 12 am.  Then pick up something you need on Wednesday Feb 10 or Feb 17 between 7 pm and 9 pm.

Also, March practices are less than a month away!  Use the online registration form to register today.  

Questions?   Visit our web site or contact


News: ANHAA Spring Baseball/Softball/Tball Registration is Now Open!
Posted by ANHAA Board, Last Updated: 25 days ago

ANHAA Spring Baseball/Softball/Tball Registration is Now Open!

Online registration is now open for spring baseball, softball, and teeball. ANHAA offers programs for boys and girls ages 4 through 18.  Indoor practices start the first weekend in March (Teeball starts in April).   

Please use the online registration system to sign up today or join us for one of our three information sessions/equipment exchanges at Conway Clubhouse:

  • Saturday Feb 6 - 10am - 12am  (and equipment exchange drop off)

  • Wednesday Feb 10 - 7pm - 9pm  (and equipment exchange pick up)

  • Wednesday Feb 17 - 7pm - 9pm  (and equipment exchange pick up)

For the equipment exchange, drop off unwanted equipment (baseball, softball, soccer, or any sports equipment) on Saturday and then pick up something you need on either Wednesday.

Questions?   Visit our web pages on tee-ball, softball, or baseball, contact



News: ANHAA: Important Note on Soccer Changes for Fall 2016
Posted by ANHAA Board, Posted: 27 days ago

Ardsley North Hills Athletic Association (ANHAA): Soccer Changes for Fall 2016

US Youth Soccer is introducing several changes starting next season. The main aspects of these changes are age divisions, small-sided games, and field and goal sizes. As a club that works with other local intramural clubs (in the U10 program) as well as prepares its players for advancement to travel teams starting at U11, ANHAA plans to adhere to these new guidelines as much as possible. Most, if not all, other local clubs are also migrating to these guidelines in some way.  We may not be able to adapt to every new change immediately but will plan to phase in as we can.

The focus of this letter is not to explain the rationale behind the guidelines but rather the impact on our club.  For further information on the reason and details of the changes, see the EPYSA web site:

Age Guidelines

Previously age groups were determined Aug to July. For example, this past season, a U10 team could have anyone UNDER 10 on Aug 1 2015. This is being shifted to calendar year, so next season U10 will be UNDER 10 on Jan 1, 2016. Because ANHAA (and most local intramural clubs) group two age groups together, next season age groups will be based on the following:


Birth Year


2007 and 2008


2009 and 2010


2011 and after

Note it may appear that some children will jump two levels, but that is not the case.   There is just a shift in the definition of the age brackets by six months.

This will mean that some kids in the same grade will be playing at different levels.  This is similar to the softball age groupings.  Because we generally attempt to mix rosters year to year we don’t envision a major impact from this change (as opposed to older travel teams who have played together for several years).

However, with this change, some of our U10 players who played only one year of U10 will be moving on to U11. As we do every year, we will reach out to our U10 players in late winter to make them aware of AC United evaluation times and help answer any questions they may have in the transition.


Small Sided Games

The new guidelines continue to promote the concept of small-sided games which enable more touches and involvement with the players on the field. The following table summarizes ANHAA's current approach and the new guidelines.


ANHAA 2015 Season

US Youth Soccer Guidelines


8v8 (keeper)

7v7 (keeper)


7v7 (keeper)

4v4 (no keeper)


6v6 (no keeper)

4v4 (no keeper)

ANH will follow the guidelines as close to possible but will also make decisions based on number of children registered and number of available coaches.  We will also evaluate the U8 changes closer to the season to determine if we want to introduce a more gradual transition (such as going to 6v6 or 5v5 next season) as well as the use of a keeper at this age level (which we traditionally have done and will likely continue).

Additionally, the new guidelines recommend playing quarters for U6 and thirds for U8 to allow more breaks and discussion of the game during the match.  There are also recommended changes in field and goal sizes which ANHAA will evaluate and determine how to best phase in based on field space and existing equipment.

If you have any questions on these changes, please feel free to contact

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March 15, 2016

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